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What Makes Us Different

Our Values

We act with a sense of urgency

We are client centric firm with a mission to provide concierge service levels to you.  We consider our clients to be business partners and respond accordingly.

  • We guarantee a text or phone response to any inquiry within four business day hours.

  • We provide project management dashboards to our clients on at least a weekly basis or more often during high-intensity projects.

We do the right thing

We believe that good character and acting with integrity are critical in order to be successful.  We instill in our resources that shortcuts and unethical behavior are not tolerated.  We believe that winning with integrity is the only way to win.  Our clients can count on truthful reporting and honest deliverables.

We pay attention to detail

We understand that your business cannot tolerate error in order to excel and beat the competition.  We provide a high level of precision in our work product via our lean initiatives and strict quality control process.  We hold ourselves to the highest standards to deliver the best client experience and exceed your expectations.

We have bilingual resources that speak English and Mandarin.

We have resources fluent in English and Mandarin to meet your diverse business needs.

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